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God is a woman


God is a Woman

Misogyny and patriarchy

Still making the women bleed

‘We believe in God’, say the men

Don’t they know that their God is a Woman?


The concept of the shoot is inspired by the song ‘God is a Woman’ by the famous American singer, Ariana Grande. I have always believed that besides their feminine energy, women are also strong and fierce. The lyrics describe God as a woman who is fierce, powerful, and empowered. The song celebrates female sexual liberation and freedom.

Model: Calida

God is a woman


Ocean of Trust

No matter what I say

I need you at the end of the day

We, humans, are social beings

Even behind our crowns of independent kings and queens Because when you are drowning in self-distrust

You find solace in my ocean of trust


Nowadays, there has been a lot of discussion about living and surviving alone in the name of being independent but through this shoot, I wanted to convey that no matter what, humans are tied to each other through emotional threads and are dependent on each other

Ocean of trust

Stylist: Shreya Ravariya
Models: Arshia (Inega) & Diksha
HMUA: Krutika


Models: Malika (Inega) & Aliza (Inega)
HMUA: Rutuja


Uptown Crush

Imminent renegades

No longer afraid of the male gaze

Can make any passerby stop

With their elegant walk

And they’ve stopped staying hush

Modern-day women are the uptown crush.


A high-end fashion shoot on the streets of one of India’s busiest cities, Mumbai. Modern-day Indian women are so busy and involved in creating the life of their dreams that they don’t have the time or energy to spend on what people are saying about them. The concept has been portrayed with a vogueish vibe.

Ocean of Trust
Uptown Crush


Red Love

Now, my body feels dead

Even though my mind is roaring red

With memories of you

That won’t just get lost in the blues...


The objective of this shoot was to portray the mood conveyed by the renowned American singer, Taylor Swift in her song ‘Red’. In the lyrics, she describes a past lover and remembers their love. It acts as a tribute to their memories and also emphasizes how reckless and passionate their love was. The pink scarf is a personification to a lover that the model is trying to let go but is unable to as she is still attached to the memories of him.

Red Love


Shades of Earth

They mistake my silence for weakness

My sophistication for gawkiness. 

My browns for sadness

And my determination for madness

They are not wrong, for what it is worth

Because darling, I behold the shades of earth


Inspired by the tones of earth, the concept behind the shoot was to create something subtle yet notably different from the crowd by using striking contrast between her outfit and the location. The concept of juxtaposition was implemented by opting for a sophisticated gabardine in a natural outdoor location.

Model: Calida

Model: Megha

Red Love
Shades of Earth



We might be pieces of a puzzle falling apart
But together we are a piece of art
Female friendships are often linked to jealousy
But with you, all I feel is ecstasy
When it is dark and I am walking on a tightrope
She enters my life like a ray of hope
Be it warm or cold
Be it silver or gold
Our bond stays the same
Because phoenix rises in the heart of flames.

The concept behind the shoot was how modern-day women don’t shy away from supporting each other and having each other’s back. The golden and black colors of a flame symbolize the richness and purity of their bond and the warm sunlight creates a ray of hope through the darkness (black).

Black and white portrait

Models: Labiqua and Surya


In the Lap of Nature

The city lights have blinded me
Crowded streets but no one to speak
Utopia is what I need
In the lap of nature, I shall find my peace.


The concept behind this shoot was to portray the interaction of humans with nature and how falling into nature’s lap can result in calmness and closure.

Model, HMUA & Stylist: Irina

In the Lap of Nature


Opposites Attract

you and I
are like chaos and silence. 
you are the serene blue
and I’m the red violence. 
you and I 
are like breath and choke. 
You hold me when I crack
There is a reason they say Opposites Attract


Law of Opposites: One of the most popular laws of both physics and psychology states that things/people that are poles apart tend to attract/bond with each other.

Models: Keny & Mekhala
Styling: Mekhala

Opposites Attract
In the lap of nature
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